We’re Launching a new Metaverse focused Ecosystem

The Elchai Group is launching a metaverse world where reality and digital coincide. It’s an immersive world integrating blockchain technologies, NFTs, and artificial intelligence.

The Universe Eye Metaverse

Luxury Reimagined And Decentralized

Inspired by the human desire of communality, through connection, ownership, and satisfaction or achievement, The Universe Eye would reflect these desires through every component of the ecosystem – the BEC Club, The BEC Token and our luxury-themed NFTs


Real Luxury Embraces Quality, Convenience, and Innovation

Elchai Group is bringing luxury cars and a real-world lifestyle in the metaverse


What We Are Building

The Universe Eye

The Universe Eye is a real-world based metaverse world. It’s a virtual venue where users can create, connect, and own. Imagine a world that allows deep personalization. Initially, The Universe Eye wil replicate the architectural haven of Dubai. It will be the digital home of the BEC Club where events big and small can be hosted

Universe eye


Four-tier limited edition NFTs will serve as keys to access the BEC Club. Drive rare supercars and stay in luxury rooms within the BEC Club to be built at Bluewaters, Dubai.


BEC Token

BEC token will be the main token used within The Universe Eye Ecosystem. BEC will have other utilities as the project evolves.

BEC Token

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